Why Ivy Gables?

Why Ivy Gables?

Our strategy is: “To create the “Ultimate Resident Experience” through the “Ultimate Employment Experience” Our Employees are our most valuable asset. We realize that we need to take extraordinary care of each of them, so that they can take extraordinary care of your loved ones. We are dedicated to creating a great place to work to maintain the greatest place to live!

Our Vision

Seniors Living Well

Our Mission

Seniors living a healthy and active lifestyle, being treated with respect and dignity in a loving home that provides:

  • Personalized care
  • Strong family values
  • Good nutrition
  • Moderate exercise
  • Life long education
  • Motivation and inspiration for the body, mind and soul

Our Culture

Defined by the way we work:

  • One shared vision
  • Mutual respect for all
  • Equal voices
  • Open-minds, honest and trustworthy
  • Integrated, collaborative teamwork
  • Real empowerment through clear expectations and total accountability
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Continuous learning
  • Infusion of humor and fun
  • Work life balance