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Arts & Entertainment


“Energy for Body, Mind, and Soul”

A vital program of recreation that stimulates residents cognitively, culturally, creatively, psychologically, spiritually, physically and promotes individual and group pleasure and social interaction.

Our Philosophy is Customer Focused!

• Need to be flexible to meet the needs of our Residents
• Must be engaging
• Over the top every time
• Make their day – every day!
• Customer service is the service we give that we are not obligated to give – it is what people appreciate the most
• The better our customer service, the more success we will enjoy
• To give real customer service, you must add service that cannot be bought with money
• Support teammates – continuously!

Our A&E Concepts

All activities connect with all senses, are pleasurable stimulating, and fun! We have no limits to making their day!

Arts and Entertainment offer daily activities, such as:

  • Exercise class
  • Current events
  • Walking club
  • Education seminars linked to arts and crafts projects
  • Mind-stimulating activities
  • Cocktail hour twice a week with live entertainment

Weekly Arts and Entertainment offerings:

  • Shopping at local vendors
  • Cooking class that includes a chef demonstration
  • Regular church services
  • Bible study
  • Dining out at local restaurants
  • Movies in our multi-purpose room

Special monthly extra activities, including:

  • Ice cream runs
  • Mystery trips – they never know where they are going!
  • Themed events that start with an educational seminar, music, dance, arts and crafts and end with a very special dinner
  • Concert in the Park series, held here at Ivy Gables, featuring classical and Big Band music and from the 30s, 40s and 50s, and the standards…
  • Country rides – through the four seasons
  • Shows at the Candlelight Theater

Example: An education theme - Italy

  • Learn to speak a few Italian words
  • Learn about their lifestyle
  • Make native Italian crafts
  • Make Italian desserts in cooking class
  • Take a virtual walking tour through Tuscany
  • Decorate and dress in Italian style
  • Enjoy an Italian dining experience

Ivy Gables Arts & Entertainment Calendars

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Garden House Arts & Entertainment Calendars

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And a lot more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are trips shopping, dining out, movies, theater, etc.

  • There are sign-up sheets for all outings! You could help to encourage your family member to sign up in advance and then call them, encourage them and remind them of the activities!
  • We continuously encourage them to participate in in-house and outside activities by offering activities tailored to our residents’ specific interests and needs!