Wellness - Ivy Gables Seniors Living Well




“Our Helping Hands”

Devoted to providing compassionate, extraordinary, personal hands-on care where each resident’s health and well-being is of ultimate importance.


  • Aging in place
  • Each resident gets face time with the Director of Wellness, LPN, Medication Technician and Caregiver daily


  • Hourly rounds on each resident
  • Wake the residents in the morning
  • Shower the residents
  • Groom the residents
  • Dress the residents
  • Monitor personal hygiene
  • Maintain a supply of personal hygiene products in each resident’s apartment
  • Encourage residents to participate in activities
  • Clean the resident’s apartments
  • Do bed, bath, and personal laundry
  • Transfer and transport the residents
  • Provide bowel and bladder management
  • Assist residents with prosthetic devices
  • Wash and assist residents with TEDs
  • Assist residents in tracking their personal items
  • Assist residents to use the phone
  • Support residents in the Dining Room
  • Provide basic nail care
  • Assist resident with writing correspondence
  • Dispense meds
  • Provide medical treatment/wound care
  • Make physician appointments
  • Schedule resident transportation to appointments

  Frequently Asked Questions

Our caregivers are trained onsite. Our Med-techs are trained onsite and in accordance with state regulations. We have a part-time RN and full/part-time LPNs.

We have some staff who have been with us since we opened in 2014. We take great pride in hiring the right people and providing training and development opportunities for them. This helps us retain our talented staff.

Our philosophy is to allow your loved one to age in place. We have formed strategic partnerships inside and outside of our community to assist with this goal.

We have a call system that will alert the Caregivers so that your loved one’s needs are met as soon as possible.